Matin Foomani
Transportation Engineer


Selected Publications:

Safety Performance Assessment of Stop-Operated Intersection Equipped with Active Road Sign
CTRF 2015

A Two-step Microscopic Traffic Safety Evaluation Model of Reserved Lanes Facilities.
(Co-author) TRB 2015

Users Services Comparison between North-American ITS Architectures (US and Canada) and the European ITS Architecture
CSCE 2014

Multi-objective speed optimization for heavy good vehicles in interrupted transportation networks
CTRF 2013

Mitigating Traffic Congestion with Hybrid Reserved-lanes(Link)
Canadian Society of Civil Engineering 
(Co-author)CSCE 2013

A Methodological Approach of Evaluation for a Road Operator Service against ITS Architecture–User-Needs Level 
ITS World Congress 2012

Inspired by:

Prof.Dr. Ciprian Alecsandru,
Prof.Dr. Anjali Awasthi,
Prof.Dr. Reinhard Pfliegl,
Prof.Dr. Lotfi A. Zadeh,
Prof.Dr. John Nash,
Elon Musk,
and Nature.

Matin Foomani (1978-20??)


A positive and productive thinker, utilizingacademic training with hands on experience in mathematical analysis and process modeling with strong observation and analytical skills. Team player who also excels as an individual contributor.

The perfect job:

For me, focuses on innovation and doing things better.
Ideas, projects, colleagues, insights, perspectives, challenges, operation and processes are the melodies I like to play on the rhythm of punctuality and accuracy.


Think out of the box and think green.

Life is:

Listen, Read, Observe and Learn.

Hobby is:

Podcast, Internet Radio,  Books, 
Basketball, Cycling,
Family and Friends,