Matin Foomani
Transportation Engineer

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At a Glance

PhD Candidate Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, 
Concordia University, CA

MASc Intelligent Transportation System Engineering,
UAS Technikum Wien, AT

MBA (Operation and Process Mgmt.),
Warwich Business School, UK

BA Engineering.
IAU Tehran, IR

Self/Team/Time Appraisal, Planning, Monitoring, Control and Management, 

Simulation Software packages:
VISSIM, VISUM, Paramics, Synchro, ArcGIS and AutoCAD


Canada Post / Postes Canada
Officer - Transportaion Network and process Engineer

 Transportation network design
 Benchmark and audit transportation network 
 Network process and operation analysis
 Mathematical modeling and optimization
 Load and traffic impact analysis
 Simulation and soft-computing

Transportation Engineer Intern

 Traffic modeling and simulation, network models, optimization techniques
 Active signage system evaluation and improvement
 Adaptive signage systems design and benchmark 
 LED traffic signs assessment 
 Traffic Safety assessment for stop sign operated intersections
 Traffic

Transportation engineering research Assistant 

 Traffic Modeling and simulation, network models, optimization techniques
 Multi-objective speed optimization for HGV
 ITS architecture , users serviceability (EU Frame and US ITS architecture)
 Border Information flow architecture 
 HOV lane safety factor assessments 

Teaching Experiences:
 Urban Transportation Planning - graduate course 
 Transportation Engineering for civil Engineers - undergrad course 
 Transportation Planning and Design - undergrad course 
 Surveying- undergrad course 

Transportation Engineer, ITS Expert, Project coordinator

 Core member of GLI - EKIUM transportation engineering team
 Traffic simulation and modeling
 Traffic analysis and studies
 Multimodal and Intelligent transportation system framing and design 
 Conceptual, preliminary and detailed design for traffic information systems and intelligent transportation systems
 Supervised and inspected the installation, modification, testing and operation of road transportation systems.
 Preparation of technical report 
 Benchmarking traffic systems
 Attending corporate and client meetings
 Coordinating meetings
 Creating project management calendar
 Developing project strategies
 Administrative duties

Executive officer

 Building new business from day one
 Developing plans for projects, budgeting, goal setting
 Leading teams and managing people
 Designing systems, administering technology and analyzing problems
 Preparing written communications
 Running and conducting meetings

Areas of Interest:

 ITS Architecture,
 Multi-Objective Optimization
 Active Traffic signage systems
 Traffic Safety
 Traffic Signal Control
 Traffic Network Coordination
 Distributed Systems
 Simulation and Modeling

A Member of:

 Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) Quebec Section, (Treasurer 2014)
 Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) Quebec Student Chapter, (President 2013)

 Institute of Transportation Engineering (Member)

 Canadian Transportation Research Forum (Member)

 Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (Member)